Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Second week - Monday 18 December

It was our Division's Xmas do this evening, so I caught 0707 train as I knew I'd been staying late before we went to the pub. All went OK, and I bumped into DW so the 30 mins wait in Didcot was not so bad. DW took a picture of the display screen showing that all but 1 train was going to London. It's nice to know there's balance in the rail system and that there is 1 other place in the universe other than London. He also took a picture of all the people standing, as there aren't enough seats.

Journey home was OK. 2153 from Oxford made its connection, although I did have to wait for 30 mins so I would hope that this connection would work! I spent my time walking up and down Platform 1 admiring the new plant pots. Do you know, they each cost £29.99 and there is four of them. How many cushions for cold metal seats could one buy for £120? I'll work that out anohter night. Other interesting observations: toilets were locked up 'Due to vandalism toilets will be locked at 2100'. Not sure if they were locking up the toilets just in case they were vandalised or if they had been vandalised. They certainly worked when I used them.

The prize for most annoying annoucement (even more annoying than ' we are sorry, but the XXX is delayed by 30 mins', 'we are very sorry, but the XX is delayed by 45 mins, or 'Please do not feed the pigeons', yes we did hear that announcement once!) was 'FGW train company wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year'. (After I have paid off my credit card for my annual season ticket, it will not be so prosperous.) grrrrrr.

Lastly, a reassuring annoucement on the train while we stopped at Chippenham: 'Chippenham is unstaffed. Please close the doors behind you.'


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 83% (starting to look like the figures of a professionally run train company!), 4/6
Journey home punctuality: 100%, 6/6


FGW alerts:
Cancelled services: 0710 BRI-PAD, 0701 P'smouth-Brighton, 0702 W'bury-Cheltenham. The 0857 Brighton-BRI will start at W'bury. The 0600 Cheltenham-PAD will stop additionally at Didcot this morning. (Do you think they are feeling a bit guilty?)
Cancellations: 1552 Swindon-Cheltenham, 1706 Westbury-Southampton. No further notified problems.


DT: What a shambles! On the way to Reading our train was unable to stop at Didcot due to technical problems! Let's hope brakes work by the time it gets to London!

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