Saturday, 8 December 2007

It's only taken them a year, give 'em a chance

Come on, it's only taken them a year to work out that wasting an hour of your life every day if not good customer service. So roll on Monday 10 December for the old, sorry, new, timetable. (Even if it means 5-6 min connections....and yes, you 1721ers from Oxford, you know what that means! 'It's not a connecting service')


The train fellow said...


I am glad (sorry) to have come across your blog - I thought it was just me who was going mad at FGW.

See for a similarly themed read.

And yes, the new timetable is bizarre at best - how can it be an improvement when trains arrive earlier and arrive later.. Go figure.

The Train Fellow.

PS. I will link to you.

Ed Davies said...


I’m producing a TV programme fronted by Dom Joly which is a hybrid consumer/entertainment show.

One way of describing it is “watchdog with uzi’s” – we point out scandalous rip-off and scams, but we actually do something about them.

So far we have tackled some of the biggest gripes affecting the British public including Recycling confusion, Heathrow’s lost luggage nightmare and Utilities rip-offs.

The next target on our list is public transport. We’d like to find some of the worst train services in the country and take their owners to task.

Obviously it didn’t take much research to discover that First Great Western are amongst the worst if not the worst service providers in this area.

I’m looking for someone to meet Dom as part of our programme and show him first hand the horrors that FGW customers have to face on a daily basis.

Dom will then hopefully gain an audience with a FGW representative and ask them about their service.

I hope that you are interested in this idea and would love to talk to you about it in more detail.

Please get in touch.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


The train from hell