Monday, 12 February 2007

12 Feb - arrrggghhh, arrggghhh

I had recovered from Friday night's abyssmal service on the way home and had regained some confidence so that I went for the 0612 from Bath. The 0612 turned up and got us to Swindon on time but the 0649 to Didcot was cancelled. This meant that we could not make our connection at Didcot to get us to Oxford. We asked the train manager but he said that the driver wouldn't know about stopping at Didcot (and going on past experiences they do not really know where thet usually stop). So we huddled around a table at Swindon until the next train for Didcot. We got on the 0711, the train I would have caught from Bath if I had stayed in bed for another 30 mins. So we got to Didcot and we sat in the Pumpkin Cafe for 25 mins until the 0754 to Oxford. So I got into work 50 mins later than planned.

Journey home was not as bad but we were 15 mins late getting into Bath.

Not a good day today.


Journey to work punctuality: 85%, 33/39
Journey home punctuality: 77%, 30/39


FGW alerts:
0534 Gt Malv to Pad service start Oxf. 0540 Chelt to Padd service cancelled. 0700 Padd to Bri TM cancelled. All due to traincrew sickness. (Well, I bloody hope they are feeling better tomorrow otherwise I might start to fee a bit ill.)
1548 Padd-Cheltenham not calling Reading or Didcot. 1630 BTM-Pad not calling Didcot or Reading. (No excuse given. I suppose that's one way to get your train to its destination to meet its target...why stop at stations, it only slows the train down...)

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