Monday, 5 February 2007

5 Feb - Fight for the Door! Tour of Didcot

Morning journey was OK. Only thing to note was that as the train was approaching Bath Spa someone called someone else a T**T. I am not sure who he was referring to but it might have been the short chap with the very large bag who scoffs yogurt with great gusto. We have observed that he is very keen to get on to the train and into his favourite seat. So keen that he will stop at nothing and no-one! DT got barged out of the ay twice by another bloke - it was OK though as he apparently this is what we are reduced to.

Evening journey was quite amusing. The first we heard was the train manager saying 'Don't panic, but...there is a points failure at Didcot so we have to bypass Didcot, change lines and then go back in.' We didn't mind as it whiled away the usual 35 mins we have to wait there anyway. Trains were about 10 mins late by the time we got into Bath, so that's a LATE!


Journey to work punctuality: 85%, 29/34
Journey home punctuality: 79%, 27/34


FGW alerts:
nothing of note.


Anonymous said...

I have created a web site to make it easy for passengers to place a complaint. I will
forward the complaints to the appropriate rail company.

Max said...

what a great idea! I'll use that.