Saturday, 10 February 2007

9 Feb - arrrgggghhhh!

Caught 0612 from Bath, changed at Swindon and Didcot. Problem-free journey. Journey home was awful - and it was a Friday, and I felt quite pants as I am developing a cough. Caught the 1621 from Oxford to Didcot and went to Pumpkin Cafe as the 1656 train to Swansea, which is our connecting train to get us on a BTM train, was delayed. DW fird up his laptop and we watched the live update screen for Reading. To our dismay, the BTM train was allowed in front of the Swansea train and so we would not be able to catch our connecting train. The BTM whistled through Didcot and so I had to wait for the 1741 train to BTM. This eventaully turned up and left Didcot at 1801, and arrived in Bath at 1854. So it took me from 1621-1854 to get to Bath (2 hr 33 mins), when it should have taken 1621-1756 (1 hr 35 mins). Needless to say I was fuming - and I got some forms to fill in 'forms for compensation' and 'tell us your views'. I had to ensure Didcot station for 1 hr and 25 mins. I think I will introduce a how much time I spend at Didcot count and how much of my life I am spending there, although I think that will be depressing reading.


Journey to work punctuality: 87%, 33/38
Journey home punctuality: 79%, 30/38


FGW alerts:
1522 Pad-Oxf and 1705 Oxf-Pad cancelled. No futher major problems notified.
1545 Pad-Swansea cancelled. No futher notified cancellations. Possible delays due snow in S.Wales.


Graham Ellis said...

I pity you the long wait at Didcot which, as you say, should not be scheduled that way. Did you know that Didcot has (or had) a tourist information centre, where the most popular postcard they hold was of ... the cooling towers at the power station

David said...

All trains from Paddington were delayed last Friday evening (Feb 9th) because of kids trespassing on the line between Acton Mainline and Ealing Broadway. My train (17:36 Padd-Oxford) was delayed by 30 minutes.