Wednesday, 14 February 2007

14 Feb - Go With What You Know, My Lucky Day

I caught the usual 0642 today - I couldn't face another 0612 and not actually reaching my destintation on time. Did the usual wait at Didcot for 25 mins, but we got in on time.

Caught the 1621 home - we were lucky when we got to Didcot as a Cheltenham train was delayed so we got on that, then went to plaftom 4 and caught the slightly delayed BTM train, and I was in Bath for 1740! Fantastic! Enough time to make myself beautiful for my Valentine...


Journey to work punctuality: 83%, 34/41
Journey home punctuality: 78%, 32/41


FGW alerts:
nothing to note or of amusement

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Anonymous said...

I have created a web site to make it easy for passengers to place a complaint about First Great Western. Details of your complaint and it will be forwarded to FGW.