Wednesday, 10 January 2007

10 Jan 2007 - Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, 'A Result', Decision of the Day, Desks at Didcot

I have decided to do keywords. Just in case you have not got time to read the whole entry for the day. I have to say, though, they may not in any particular order: alphabetical or chronological.

Decided that it would be nice to get into work for 0830 so caught the 0642 again. I was filled with impending doom before I left my home, see the FGW text below concerning flooding in the Severn Tunnel. I knew this would happen! Train left Bath on time, got to Swindon on time. But then chaos. The trains from South Wales were delayed by about 50 mins. I go on the 0629 train (in reality 0720) on Platform 1. I'd just got comfy and we were told that the driver needed his statutory 10 min break and so the train would be sitting there for 10 mins. 10 mins? I couldn't wait, I had to 'keep moving' as DW keeps telling us to do. So we were advised to get on to the 0718 (usuall connecting train). So over to Platform 3 then...hence the reference to Monsieur Hulot's holiday. (A film by Jacques Tati.)

Got to Didcot in time for the connection to the 0754. 0754 arrived at 0745, as usual, and we sat there, and sat there, until 0804!!!! So I am classifying this as late. We had to wait for a Virgin train (why both as they are already late, and a freight train, well they don't ahve to be anywhere on time do they??).

One interesting thing that I read in the Metro this morning is that UK commuters travel 20 mins more in 2005 than they did in 1995. I hope they took my stats into account: I travel 60 mins more per day since Dec 05!

Home journey was quite interesting. I heard that from Monday 15 Jan the 0642 will stop a Didcot! yes, yes, yes, yes! I should be able to get to work for 0830 with only 1 change. Christmas has eventually arrived.

Got 1653 from OXF with Brenda and DW and we chatted about what we shold say in our letters to FGW next week. Got to DID and went to Pumpkin Cafe, and bumped into Angus. Had another good winge about the trains and decided the we should bring along a pencil pot, a picture of a loved one and other desk-related furntiture, and set up a desk at Didcot (as we seem to spend a long time doing work there), then someone take a picture. Oh what larks it would be.

Angus also told me about his journey from Monday night when he got on the advertised 1721 from OXF expecting to get the 1741, as per FGW timetable. In reality, the 1721 did not get to DID in time, no surprise there, so he had to wait for 1 hour for the next Bath train, but the 1841 was over 25 mins late! He thinks he got back into Bath at 1945. So it took him 2.5 hours to travel 70 miles. Shocking.

After the 35 min wait, we went to Platform 1, got on train and into Volo carriage. What IS the point of these? The seats are too far apart, the seats are too short (even for my short legs) and there are NO TV screens! What is the point of an interactive TV carriage, without the screens? Nice green seats? Got home OK.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 81%, 13/16
Journey home punctuality: 87.5%, 14/16


FGW alerts:
The Swansea to Padd route is being affected by flooding. Service alterations will apply.
S. Wales route - flooding. XX15 from Pad will call at Bristol Parkway. XX45 from Pad will NOT call Bristol PW.
Flooding will still affect S. Wales services Thursday morning with reduced services and diversions.

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