Wednesday, 31 January 2007

31 Jan - Good Morning, Crowded and Late Evening

0642 turned up on time and I got to Didcot on time. Sat in Pumpkin Cafe doing things until Brenda appeared. We arrived into Oxford on time. A lovely morning, nice and sunny.

1621 left Oxford on time, but 1656 from Didcot to Swansea turned up a few mins late, and then we sat outside Swindon station for ages. Long enough to have a nice nap. We got chucked out on platform 3 (usually platform 4) at 1740, 25 mins late, and were met by a huge wall of people - 'eak! What's happened here?' Started making my way downstairs to platform 4 (usual platform for Bath train) but then go told it was on platform 3. Struggled back to platform 3: I carry a 10kg bike. Waited for a few mins then got on BTM train - it was heaving. But the bike comes in handy, sort of, if I hold it still nobody who does not want bruises will barge me out of the way (there was obviously not going to be enough seats for us all). I don't hit people with it, rather they walk into me in they get pushy. Arrived into Bath 15 mins LATE. Apparently, there were signalling problems around Swindon...

DT: you did not miss anything today!


Journey to work punctuality: 84%, 26/31
Journey home punctuality: 81%, 25/31


FGW alerts:
cannot be bothered to list them, they thought the network was perfect, little did they know of the goings on at Swindon.

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