Monday, 22 January 2007

22 Jan - Switch for Heat at Didcot, Times Article About FGW

0642 turned up on time. It was very busy and there was a short delay in getting to Didcot, but that was good for us as it meant our 25 minute wait was only 10 mins. Got into Oxford on time.

Caught 1621 home, the train to Swindon, and then the next one to BTM were slightly delayed. It was very cold and since both platform 1 and the waiting room were crowded, Alma and I went into the Pumpkin Cafe on platform 2/3.

One exciting discovery was that a lady pointed out to us the switch for the heater in the waiting room on platform 1 at Didcot. I suppose we'll have to ring up the station as we're leaving Oxford to ensure that the brick walls (no plaster or paint) and the metal seats (no expense spared) warm up before we get there.

Alma pointed out that there was a good article in The Times today: 'To hell with the coffee. Just make the train run' at,,3284-2559212,00.html


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 83%, 20/24
Journey home punctuality: 87.5%, 21/24


FGW alerts:
0545 BTM to Fareham is canx. No other reported problems.
Full advertised service. No major problems reported.

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