Thursday, 11 January 2007

11 Jan - 4 out of 11, only 2 days left, overcrowded train

Out of chronological order, but most important news is that:

1. the 1721 OXF-DID connection worked for 4 attempts out of 11 attempts. Is that a record?
2. the 0642 from Bath to Padders WILL stop at Didcot from Monday. :-)) So only 2 more days of morning hell, and just the evening hell to suffer.

Back to reality though....

0642 was on time toady, and it got to Swindon on time, and I got the correct connection, and it got to Didcot on time, and the other train came in on time, and it left on time. That's how it should work, I suppose?

Journey home, as per usual. Got on 1653, met Brenda and DW, got to Didcot, went to Pumpkin Cafe, set up camp for 35 mins, we ate a packet of ham, a packet of mini-eggs and a Freddo Frog chocolate bar. Quite healthy really. Train arrived at about 1735, early, fought our way on as there were loads of student-tourist people. DW and I found seats but not together. Got to Bath a few minutes late. Was on the verge of awarding this trip a 'late' badge when I tuned into Ross Noble on my iRiver, which cheered me up and made me laugh. The only good thing about getting into Bath at 1830 is that you tune into the 1830 Radio comedy programme, so you get home all giggly. Sue Perkins was on it tonight and was recounting her tale about getting from Penzance to London on a FGW train. The two 'services' to London were cancelled, so she said, and when she asked, she was answered with, in a broad Cornish accent, 'there's been a problem in England'. :-) Well, that's a new one.

And today was the big meeting with the Mps and FGW...would have liked to have been a fly on the wall.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 82%, 14/17
Journey home punctuality: 88%, 15/17


FGW alerts:
Services between Newport and Swindon are affected by flooding. Please contact Nat Rail on 08457484950 for further details.
S.Wales route reopened between Swindon and Bristol PW following floods. Some delays. 1500 Pad-BTM cancelled.

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