Tuesday, 9 January 2007

9 Jan 2007 - Trees on Line, Didcot Time Trials, Slow Trains

Wanted to get into work early today, so caught the 0642. Blimey, why did I bother? The 0642 was delayed as 'there were trees on the line at Bradford on Avon' so a special service to Weymouth had to go in front of our London train. Two things: trees on the line, well that is one up from leaves on the line, but I was surprised that one of the precious London trains was held up by a Weymouth train. 0642 finally arrived and left Bath at 0655, 13 mins late. Had to consult the new timetable to see which connection I could now get at Swindon so I would get to Didcot for the 0754 to Oxford since I would miss the usual one, of course, I was assuming that I would get to Didcot in time! It was a bit stressful but got on the 0724, which arrived at 0729, and arrived at Didcot in time for 0754. Got to Oxford on time. Although I don't like the stress of catching 3 trains: getting one on time train is good, but three...

Journey home OK. 1653 left Oxford on time. Only decision to make was what to do with the 35-minute wait, which I'd have to spend alone as I could see none of the usual gang. I decided to do a time-trial. I thought it should be possible to be able to cycle to Sainsburys, do a quick shop and get back in time. It took 7 mins to cycle there and back, add on 5 mins faff time, 10 min shop time and that still leaves 13 mins over. Taking this to the next stage is to actually go inside the shop and buy something!

I looked out for the 1721 from Oxford today, to see if it connected with its advertised friend the 1741. I didn't see it. If there's anyone out there who catches this connection, some stats to send the to the FGW bods would be great.

As we approached Bath we got held up by another slow train from the 'country' line - what is going on?


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 87%, 13/15
Journey home punctuality: 87%, 13/15


FGW alerts:
0710 BTM-PAD cancelled. 0723 Warminster to Cardiff terminates at BTM.
Full advertised service, no problems reported (well that will be comfort to the 1721-ers)


Anonymous said...

1721 update - successful connection with 1741 train 30% (3/10).

Have contacted Andrew Griffiths earlier this week and will provide him with a further update before 18th January....

Max said...

thanks for the info - that is just shocking.

Mirabelle said...

Interesting to know.