Tuesday, 16 January 2007

16 Jan - It stopped at Didcot, FGW Thinks That The Whole World Works in London

Blimey, the 0642 turned up on time and stopped at Didcot. Chatted to chap with large bag and laptop, at Bath. He mentioned a good train site - no, not numbers, stats on train delays! It's at http://www.traindelays.co.uk/ This is what they are about:

TrainDelays.co.uk is a free service with the sole aim of bringing commuters together, enabling them to submit delays online as they occur and then help them make the claims by emailing a claim form. All you have to do is 'Register' with us to start using this service and then express your frustration with your rail operator by submitting a delay and making that claim. Don't let them get away with a shoddy service, the only way to make a difference is to hit their profits!

Yes! I think that this is a must for the people who catch the 1721 from Oxford.

Back to the 0642, it was absolute bliss not having to change. OK, I was still going to have to wait for 25 mins at Didcot, but I didn't have to change trains - yippee.

Arrived Didcot and bumped into Lesley. oh dear, something's gone wrong. Due to the landslide near Kemble, Lesley's train was late and she missed the connection to the 0714 at Didcot. More faffing about at Swindon - they let a Reading-Padders train go in front of a Padders-bound train that stops at Didcot - boo.

So they we were, Lesley had an audience, I had to stroke her arm to calm her down. Quite entertaining really. Didcot Dispatch Team - big tip, don't let London-bound trains sit on OUR platform in front of Lesley for 9 mins, making our connecting train late; please choose another platform, either 2 or 4 would have been a good choice.

Got into work on time, although train arrived in Oxford a couple of mins late.

Journey home OK. Caught 1653 and bumped into Jolyon. So we went to the Pumpkin Cafe and set up shop again. 1741 was on time, and amazingly the 1721 connected with it tonight. So I think that is 6 in 19 attempts that it has worked? DW was one of those lucky few who managed to connect, so we sat near each other, traded pieces of orange, commented on strange noises that sounded like a bit of the train had fallen off, etc.

Got home on time, and the double-bonus was that Ross Noble's new series has started on Radio 4 at 1830. What could you want more to round off a day at the office?


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 80%, 16/20
Journey home punctuality: 90%, 18/20


FGW alerts:
Landslip nr Kemble service alterations apply and road transport operates between Chelt/Glouces and Swindon.
Line closed Swindon to Gloucester due to lanslip. Road transport Swindon-Gloucester/Chelt. No further problems.

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