Friday, 12 January 2007

12 Jan - near-visit to South Wales, red wine, last morning workout

Caught 0642, 0718, 7054, al rather boring really. Last time (I hope) that I'll have to change in the mornings at Swindon). But still got to OXF a couple of mins late.

Journey home was MUCH more interesting. Caught the 1621 and had arranged with Brenda, being 'Friday Night is Drinks Night', that she was to bring refreshments. Refreshments turned out to be a nice bottle of red wine. Of course we didn't open it until we got to Didcot, on time, and had to wait 16 mins for our connecting train. Lesley joined us tonight - nice to see her again, she's such an early bird, we don't often bump into each other. So we boarded the train, had some more wine, chatted to a nice bloke about gin and tonic on the train and that you'd have to buy 2 as 1 wouldn't be quite enough. We toasted DT's good health (hope you're better next week!).

Got to Swindon (this is where my fun started). Brenda asked me if I'd like a top up as I was staying on the train and she and Lesley both lived in Swindon. I said I'd love one and started drinking, got settled in again, considered moving next to the gin and tonic bloke...when I suddenly realised, I had to get off the train as this one was going to Swansea. (I don't have to change on the late train but I do on this one.) A few naughty words passed my lips, and I picked up my timetable print-out, my bag, my glass of wine and my bike and legged it off the train. Blimey, I was lucky. We'd been sitting there for a few mins.

Three minutes later the train to Bath turned up, so got on that (after having to drink the wine for medicinal purposes due to the shock of nearly ending up in South Wales, although I did my degree in Cardiff and it is a very lovely place). Collapsed in a seat and started doing the Friday Sudoku. I could not have been that tiddly as I completed it and we all know that the Friday Sudoku is the killer one!

The journey between Swindon and Chippers was rather slow, there was some problem at Wootten Bassett. Had to laugh (with the chappy next to me) when the Train Manager announced that he 'apologised to the delay'. Well, that's all very well, but he could apologise to us too. Arrive Bath 8 mins late, but fortunately I was listening to Ross Noble and then Bob Dylan so arrived home chilled.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 83%, 15/18
Journey home punctuality: 89%, 16/18


FGW alerts:
0548 Ply-Pad and the 0710 Bri-Pad are cancelled. (No surprise there then.)
0544 Hereford-Pad will start Worcester SH.
Full advertised service. (That's hopeful, isn't it?)

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