Saturday, 20 January 2007

19 Jan - Return of DT, How to Make Friends on Trains

Difficult to know what to say, really. The only excitement of the morning is that DT is back and nearly well again! The 0642 turned up on time, and arrived at Didcot on time, then we waited in the Pumpkin Cafe for 25 mins. I did learn that we should not sit on the table nearest the door as there's a great big draft there. Alam said that she actually got home 10 mins earlier than normal last night, which is quite amazing with the disruption we had. I got home 55 mins, so I was a bit miffed. Cannot complain, though, as some people in Wiltshire had no trains on Thursday!

Coming home was much more interesting. Again, it was Firday night and it was my turn to bring refreshments. We started puring the wine into the plastic cups at Oxford as it'd been a long week. We felt much better by the time we got to Didcot. Another top-up at Didcot, and we felt even better by the time the train arrived (I think it was on time). Got on train, but it was rather crowded, but we found seats relatively close together. Another top-up, and then I set my phone alarm so that it would wake me up before Swindon, just in case I fell asleep. (Although I thin kBrenda would have ensured I got off the train, especially after last week!) However, didn't fall asleep as I got chatting to a bloke. He kept staring at my wine cup, longingly, so I asked him if he'd like some too. Then we got chatting about Bath. Soon the train reached Swindon and Alma and I got off so that we could catch our connecting train. That one was delayed by 10 mins, so we waited in the much nicer waiting room (than they have a Didcot). So, train turned up, we got on and found a seat, again it was crowded. Got to Bath a few mins late.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 83%, 19/23
Journey home punctuality: 87%, 20/23


FGW alerts:
Following severs disruption to the train service on Thurs 18 due to extreme weather, FGW anticipate a near full morning service. Customers are advised to check before they travel in the morning.
0730 Swansea-Pad and 0700 Pad-Bristol are cancelled. 0540 Cheltenham-Pad will start at Swindon.
Full advertised service . Signal problems between Cardiff and Bridgend. No furhter reported problems.

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