Tuesday, 30 January 2007

30 Jan - So Cruel! Pumpkin Cafe Waiting Room

hello. 0642 showed up and got to Didcot on time! Then we waited for 25 mins for the train to Oxford. 0754 left Oxford on time, which was the same time as the 0755 pulling into Didcot with Jolyon and David on it. We waved at them from the window. It ws doubly cruel as our train to Oxford then sat for 3 mins waiting for a Virgin train to go through. Why couldn't the train have left the platform only when it was clear passed next next signal, then Jolyon and David (and a whole host of other people) would have also got the train? Got to work on time.

1653 also left Oxford on time and then we waited for 35 mins in the Pumpkin Cafe. I pity the staff as it is our favourite waiting place at Didcot, with the real waiting rooms being rather cold, too metal and not large enough. Got home on time.


Journey to work punctuality: 83%, 25/30
Journey home punctuality: 83%, 25/30


FGW alerts:
0710 Bristol TM to Padd is canx. The 0629 Liskeard-Looe and 0701 Looe-Liskeard are canx. 0600 Swansea-Padd stops at Didcot. (Blimey!)
Full advertised service. No major problems reported.

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