Thursday, 4 January 2007

4 Jan 2007 - Price of Tickets, Has the 1721 ever connected with the 1741?

It's nearly becoming a routine. Caught 0707, waited for 15 mins at Didcot for 0825 to Oxford. Why does a train arrive at 0815 if it is not going to depoart until 0825? Cannot it not just leave early so we get to work earlier? Train smelt of wee. Smell was made better by bumping into my new Newport-OXF friend, who makes this trek once a week. She reported that a lady at the Newport ticket office had told her that the £36 saver fare to Oxford did not now exist, and she had to pay £96. Fortunately, for my new friend she had a brain and decided to buy a saver ticket to Swindon (a place to which you can buy a saver ticket apparently!), then she got an extension to OXF on the train. Apparently, there have been computer problems this week. Adds to the list I suppose.

Journey home was OK. Met DW, winged some more about trains, sat in Pumpkin cafe on Platform 2/3 for 40 mins (that's 55 mins I have spent in there today). Caught 1741 to Bath. Got home a few mins early, although I have to say that as we approached Swindon, the Train Manager told us we were early and would be sitting there for a few minutes, when actually, we arrived on time and left 1 min 10 secs late. Yes, we are sad to notice such things, but this is what happens to you when your train timetable is messed up and you 'do time' at Didcot.

One final note, for the lovely person who posted a comment yesterday, the 1721 OXF-DID connection worked today. So that must be 3 out of 7 attempts?? Well done FGW.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 83%, 10/12
Journey home punctuality: 83%, 10/12


FGW alerts:
The 0450 BTM to PADand the 0825 BTM to CDF both cancelled. 0755 PLYto NWQ will terminate PAR.
Cancelled 1830 Pad- Bristol TM, 1552 Swindon-Chelt, 1728 Chelt-Westbury, 1633 Pad-Exeter not call Hungerford.

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