Monday, 8 January 2007

5 Jan 2007 - Train Crew Problems, Drinks all round

I made the effort to catch the 0642 today. A good decision as I bumped into an annoyed DT at Swindon. He had caught the 0612 from Bath but due to 'train crew' problems, which became 'driver shortages' his train was very late. So we caught the same connection at Swindon. It was his first day back so he was too tired to get stressed about it all. I tried the new back route to work and got in at 0830.

Journey home was fun: met Brenda and DT at Oxford. We decided it was my turn to buy the drinks, so we treated ourselves to Kronenbourg lager at Didcot. Trains were on time.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 85%, 11/13
Journey home punctuality: 85%, 11/13


FGW alerts:
0723 Warminster to Cardiff will terminate at Bristol. 0755 PLY to NWQ cancelled.
0710 BTM to PAD cancelled. (3rd time in 4 days!)
Cancellations: 1530 Pad-BTM, 1552 Swindon-Chelt, 1728 Chelt-Westbury. N o further notified problems.

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