Saturday, 27 January 2007

26 Jan - Morning Bliss, Evening Hell

Journey to work was OK. Got to work on time. Also, I only had to catch 2 trains.

However, journey home was not so good. I caught the early train so this meant getting 3 trains - on a Friday night! OXF-DID was OK, but trains from Didcot were a bit delayed. Our 1656 turned up at 1704. It was heaving. We stood in the vestibule area between the last cattle-class carriage and the buffet-soon-to-be-gone carriage. I was glad when we got to Swindon. I then waited for the delayed 1726 service to Bath. It was delayed by 10 mins. It was crowded but I managed to get a seat. Got home late, so that's another late to record.

The only good thing was that Brenda bought some nice red wine, which we drank, and so the horribleness of the 2 overcrowded fast trains was slightly dulled.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 86%, 24/28
Journey home punctuality: 82%, 23/28


FGW alerts:
0610 Chelt to Pad start Glouc, customers on 0604 Chelt and change at Gloucester. All other lines report good service. Visit for live updates.
Full advertised service. Delays between Chippenham and Bath due to points problem. Earlier bridge strike Slough now cleared.

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