Monday, 15 January 2007

15 Jan - cancellations, not a good start, first class at the front

I was getting so excited - the 0642 was going to call at Didcot this morning for the first time since December 7. However, that 'Blue Glow' greeted me as I approached the station at Bath. Every commuter dreads the Blue Glow. It was cancelled, so I sat there for 25 mins reading the Metro. There were SO MANY people on the platform too. Managed to get a seat, though, phew. Met Sara and DW on the train and we got to Didcot on time. We then sat around in the Pumpkin Cafe analysing the train system, again. Got to work at 0900, I'll have to have 30 mins for lunch.

Journey home OK. Got to Didcot on time and went in the Pumpkin Cafe. Waited for 35 mins then went on to Platform 1 to get the Bath train. Amazingly, the 1721 from OXF connected witht he 1741 today, that's 28% success rate! One smaill thing: First Class was at the front - I like it this way around as I don't have to walk as far when I get into Bath.


Journey to work/meeting punctuality: 79%, 15/19
Journey home punctuality: 89%, 17/19


FGW alerts:
0545 BRI-F'ham term @ W'bury. 0526 Glos-W'bury canx. 0723 W'minster-C'diff ter @ BRI (....and last but not least) 0710 BRI-PAD canx (why bother having this train? Has it ever run?)
(They forgot to let me know about the 0630 from BRI.)
Full advertised service. Delays in South Wales due to trespass incident between Cardiff & Bridgend.

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